empower. elevate. educate

Education & Advocacy 

Our Goal:

  • To help students learn about their peers around the world
  • To increase awareness on how education is a fundamental issue related to endemic poverty
  • To inspire students and our community to engage in responsible global citizenship through learning, service and giving
  • To advocate and provide a platform for global learning and global engagement and encourage thought and action around the economic challenges of a diverse and unequal world

Who We Work With:

We work with a variety of different groups in our community including but not limited to: elementary, junior and high schools, church groups, civic organizations, private groups, and the community at large to raise awareness on the educational needs around the world. We are especially passionate about working with our children to teach them about their peers around the globe. We aim to motivate them to become passionate global citizens and to understand issues around the world, issues in their community, and to help encourage them to brainstorm and work together to become part of solutions.

To request a Kikulu team member to speak at your school or community group, please email us at [email protected]