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A crew of global citizens working together to SUPPORT EDUCATION for children in rural Uganda.

According to UNICEF, there are an estimated 2.5 million orphans in Uganda. 

The Kikulu Foundation, with our field partners, helps support education for children who have no other means to attend school. We have lived and worked on the ground with our children in Uganda, and have seen firsthand the determination and potential these children have to excel given the opportunity. 

In Uganda, a quality education is not free. There are tuition fees for both primary and secondary school, expenses for school supplies and books, as well as the cost of school uniforms. 

Lack of education for children is one of Uganda's greatest burdens and providing opportunities for schooling is one of its greatest needs.  

So how do we help provide a solution? We start somewhere regardless if it's only one child at a time. With the KikuluCREW initiative, our goal is to provide 100 scholarships for children living in rural Uganda so they have the opportunity to receive a quality education. 

 Our hope is that each of you will take action to help do for one what you wish you could do for many.  

How it Works?

  • We are in need of 100 people to join our awesome KikuluCREW by donating a recurring monthly donation of $20 (0r if you prefer, a one-time donation of $240 to support education for one student for the entire year).

      - Click the "Join The Crew" button below 
      - This takes you to our online donation form
      - Check the box for a recurring donation
      - Select "monthly gift" then choose $20  
      - Apply your gift to scholarships
      - You will be able to set-up your recurring monthly donation securely 
         by credit card or automatic bank draft.

100 PEOPLE + $20 /MONTH = School Fees, Books & Supplies, and Uniforms for 100 CHILDREN FOR AN ENTIRE YEAR!

Why Join The Crew?

  • The first 100 individuals to donate their recurring $20 monthly donation will be a key change maker, and a part of our KikuluCREW. You will forever be recognized as a founding father of our KikuluCrew - those who helped start the first big movement of opportunity from The Kikulu Foundation.

  • 100% of all donations from The KikuluCREW go to support school fees, books, and uniforms for children in rural Uganda.