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A B O U T   U S

It all begins with education. 

Uganda is a country that abounds with rich culture but with great devastation. It's population is the youngest in the world, and all its young people share a tenacity to survive. Many have faced unimaginable hardships, losing their parents, experiencing war, famine, water droughts, disease, and aching poverty. Every day, thousands of children are out of school as they struggle with the most basic human needs.

This is why The Kikulu Foundation was born.
Access to education is the foundation for growth in all other areas of life.
With an education, children in Uganda can do more than just survive; they can thrive. 

Our approach is simple: we provide school scholarships for school fees, books, as well as materials and resources so students can receive a quality education. We then monitor their progress and visit the students, schools, and communities on an on-going basis. We also provide access to portable, solar-power lights for children to use for nighttime study so they can focus on their studies after dark with no access to electricity. 

Since 2012, we've provided more than 200 scholarships
over 1000 educational resources and provided more than 500 students
and teachers with the tools and resources for higher qualities of learning. 

Our scholarships allow more students to be in school. Students are equipped with the supplies they need and we consistently see our students progress from primary to secondary school at a higher rate than other students. Currently, 100% of all donations from our CREW140 initiative go directly to scholarship funding.