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How would you live today if you had no education?

It's hard to think that there are millions of children not in school.  As much as 115 million not in primary school and more than 226 million who do not attend seconday school. 

Most of us have never missed out on our right to education because our families could not afford tuition for us to go to school or because we were forced to become child laborers.

In Uganda alone, where we are currently focused on education initiatives, there are an estimated 2.5 million orphans in need of an education. Lack of education is one of Uganda's greatest burdens and providing opportunities for schooling is one of its greatest needs. We realize it's hard to imagine that many children in need. But we do know, that even though 2.5 million is a big number and can be overwhelming, that we must not stand by and do nothing. That it is important to do something.

We would like to ask you to join us in doing something. These children are very real, and they need our help. They did not choose to be born into a country that has been enslaving children for over two decades. And we didn't choose to be born in a country where even if a family is homeless, the children always have the opportunity and right to receive a free education to help lift themselves out of poverty.

According to the CIA fact book and other sources, the population of Uganda is 33,640,833 and approximately 50% are under the age 14. Uganda is a nation of young people that are in need of an education. That many young people developing as educated adults will change a nation. How amazing that me, you, we, can support that! 

We're asking for you to make a decision to help. We're asking for many people to do something by giving a little which in return will do a lot. 

We keep our children in school by paying school fees, and making sure they have a uniform, books and pencils. A $20 recurring monthly donation or a $240 one-time annual donation will help provide a student with everything they need for school for one year. 

To see the smiling faces of the children we support, please visit our online album.

Want to do more?


Will educate one child 

for one year.


Will provide funding for one school term for 140 children.


Will pay for school for one year 

for 140 children.

*all amounts above include cost of tuition, uniforms (required in Uganda), books, and supplies*