empower. elevate. educate

We Believe:

  • Change begins with single steps.
  • In being a global citizen and supporting our communities - Our local community and our global community. 
  • In promoting peace and respecting diversity.
  • One day, extreme poverty can be the exception rather than the rule in many parts of the world.
  • In knowledge and resource sharing through partnerships.
  • Together, we are a powerful force for positive change.
  • In a girls' right to education.
  • In the value of every human life.
  • In paying forward the gift of education.

Our Mission

The Kikulu Foundation is a non-profit organization whose mission is two-fold. 1). To provide a platform for intercultural awareness and global learning in our community 2). To support education and opportunity for women and children in areas affected by poverty and oppression.

Our Vision

We envision a peaceful world where cultural differences are celebrated and every woman and every child, regardless of where they live, have access to quality education.

The word KIKULU means "It's Important" in Luganda, a regional dialect in Uganda. Here at The Kikulu Foundation, we believe it is important to support brighter futures, and to remember the impact of change each of us can help create for children around the world. Children who are gifted and lack the opportunity and support but possess intelligence, determination, and perseverance.