Investing in education provides the greatest return in influencing lasting change on a global scale.

We’re looking for companies, entrepreneurs, and women-led businesses who have a passion for equality, empowerment, and education, and who want to add a giving component to their business model. All chosen partners will donate a portion of business proceeds to The Kikulu Foundation to support global education. Our most successful partnerships span a multi-year life cycle and involve a number of different strategies. Most importantly, you will provide your customers and clients with the opportunity to do business with a company who values giving back.

What is a company partner?

Our company partners join hands with us to help level the playing field for hundreds of students, impacting the lives of future generations.

Our community of company partners help drive the work we do in Uganda. These inspiring companies partner with the Kikulu Foundation to fund education initiatives because they want to know that their generosity is being used strategically, in a way that will last generations. We send 100% of their donation to students in urgent need, ensuring that their generosity is most efficiently used as a catalyst for change.

Once their donation has been put to good use, we provide our company partners with updates about the students they support. Through these updates, they get to know the students they’ve helped, and the steady growth they’re making. Our team makes regular stewardship and evaluation trips to our student communities and schools providing ongoing support and needs assessment.

Here’s how it works:


Sign up to become a giveback partner.


Choose a giving strategy that works for you.


Give back monthly and see your impact.

 Why Become a Company Partner?

We’re committed to complete honesty and transparency with our donors. Because we’re run by a team of dedicated working board members, 100% (minus credit card fees) of your donation goes directly to supporting the educational needs of children. What’s more, giving back forever connects you to a community. You can help support one-time larger projects, or commit to a recurring monthly company donation to support a student year round.