Alisha Robertson-Stephens

Founder & Executive Director


Originally from a small town in Texas, Alisha has spent the last 10 years volunteering and working across seven countries and four continents – in Ecuador, Colombia, Chile, India, South Sudan, Uganda and Indonesia. Her natural curiosity, coupled with her deep belief in global citizenship, propelled her to travel to and work with under-resourced communities in different parts of the world, listening and learning from each experience abroad.

Alisha has over 10 years of combined professional experience in the for-profit and non-profit sector, including numerous years working with multiple organizations where she played a key role in the human relations and training and development departments. She has worked and volunteered, with both small and large multicultural and multilingual teams, in many different areas including education, gender equality, community health and AIDS awareness, community development, and micro-finance.

As the Founding Director of The Kikulu Foundation, Alisha leads the strategic direction and operations for programs both in the United States and Uganda.  

Beyond working to ensure all children have access to quality education, she enjoys traveling, biking, acroyoga, and being near the water. She currently splits her time between Texas, Seattle, and Uganda and is determined to master the ability to speak Lusoga and play the Ukulele. 

Alisha Robertson