Anne Hanisch



Anne currently serves as Board Secretary and leads the efforts in fundraising and product strategy. Her primary focus is on securing funding and building partnerships to support the mission of The Kikulu Foundation. Having spent the majority of her professional career working with various nonprofits, she has experienced firsthand how important fundraising is and how rewarding it is to connect with the community. She loves meeting new people and building their enthusiasm regarding Kikulu’s mission.

A native of Washington State, she spent her summers working with schools established for the children of migrant workers. Living and working with the families, she quickly realized education is not equal in this country, nor globally. This eventually led her to become an active advocate for The Kikulu Foundation and is personally driven to increase awareness of and participation in solving the education crisis. By combining life experiences with her formal education and professional background, she brings more than ten years of experience working with multicultural community engagement, marketing, fundraising, and merchandise management to The Kikulu Foundation.

When she is not working on all things nonprofit, she enjoys road trips, exploring history, and traveling to see her expanding family. Although she misses the Pacific Northwest, she is glad she moved south to the sunshine.

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