Dedicated global citizens supporting education.


Board of Directors

The Kikulu Foundation is currently run by a team of individuals who volunteer their time and expertise to support education for women and children in impoverished communities. We have a dedicated team that brings an array of skills and perspectives to our organization. From backgrounds such as international community development, international education, accounting, marketing, start-ups, legal, non-profit management, and social entrepreneurship, TKF has a support system that is passionate, diverse, and dedicated to helping end poverty through education. 

Executive Team


Alisha Robertson-Stephens

President               Justin Nezda

Secretary                     Anne Hanisch


Board Members

Lauren Landes

Barakatou Kone

Faye Dunaway

Douglas Whittemore

Lindsay Whittemore

Stanton Stephens

Christine Blackburn


Advisory Board

Jessica Trudeau,  Director, Momentous Institute

Bob Wright, Founder Dallas Social Venture Partners

Mark Sinatra, CEO, Staff One


Interns + Volunteers

We are always looking for savvy social media gurus, talented graphic designers, and other administrative volunteers to help us with day-to-day task management. If you are interested in volunteering with us, please email


Debie Terri

Hilary Hahn
Washington State University 

Mandi Dixon
Oklahoma State University


Kane Cortez

Tiffany Clay

Pam Guillams

Gaither Phipps

Misty Cherniss