We Believe Change Begins With Single Steps. Here at The Kikulu Foundation, we are an incredibly passionate group of change makers. We are driven by the Kikulu vision for a world where every child, regardless of where they live, has access to a quality education. Single steps, for us, means being aware of global needs and taking action. 

We believe that one day, extreme poverty, can be the exception rather than the rule in many parts of the world. 

We know together, we are a powerful force for change and that we must advocate for opportunity, the value of every human life, and paying forward the gift of education. Each member of the Kikulu Team takes immense pride in building a better future for children through access to education. 

What's beautiful about our work is that we see the same sense of determination and perseverance from the students and communities we support.

The word Kikulu means "It's Important" and our team believes supporting and being an advocate for education is one of the single most powerful and important actions one can take. We believe that the most valuable practice in creating lasting change is by investing in people.

We embarked towards our goals and towards our dreams. People have joined along the way; and it's become a caravan. We are so grateful to everyone who has joined us along the way and become part of our caravan!