Student Scholarships

primary and secondary school

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Our Goal:

  • To provide education for orphaned and disadvantaged children who have no other means to be able to attend school
  • To support student progression through primary school 
  • To support transition from primary to secondary school and ultimately, higher education or vocational training

The Scholarship Students:

Our current scholarship students are children living in rural Uganda about 3 hours from the capital city of Kampala.  Our scholarships help pay for the children's school fees, uniforms, and needed materials. 

“There is no greater return than investing in education.” - General Ban Ki-moon, United Nations Secretary

A primary or secondary school scholarship gives a student the resources they need for a FULL YEAR of school. 

Giving Investment: A one-time $240 for a student scholarship for one year or a $20 recurring donation will keep a student in school for years to come.