Unlocking the potential of students in Uganda through access to quality education.



The opportunity to pursue an education is priceless. We provide primary and secondary school scholarships for students who want to be in school. You can help them achieve their dreams and empower them through education.

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Solar Lights

Many students worldwide do not have access to light for nighttime reading and study. Our communities greatly benefit from the water-proof, safe, rechargeable, solar light sources we provide. We want to help make light more accessible and sustainable in the communities where we work.  

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Books + Materials

Inadequate access to books and materials challenge education. When students have the resources they need, learning increases. We provide the necessary books,  uniforms, and supplies for our scholarship students. 

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Join Us

Ready to join us in supporting global education? Become a part of our giving community. You can run a race for us, volunteer, or start your own fundraising campaign. 


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